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Man Pretends To Be A Woman For Five Months To Work As A Maid

A MAN of Mtendere who disguised himself as a woman and got a job as a maid has been detained for allegedly attempting to sodomise a 19-year-old man who is his employer’s nephew. Christopher Mukutindwa, 29, worked as a maid for five months before it was discovered that he was actually male when he was caught trying to molest a teenager. Mukutindwa is believed to have lured his victim to his room and tried to sodomise him but he managed to overpower him and reported the matter. Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga told #Mwebantu in an interview that police received a report of attempted sodomy in which a named employer reported that her maid tried to sodomise her 19-year-old nephew. “Brief facts are that the maid by the names of Christopher Mukutindwa who has been employed as a maid for five months now called the victim to his room. He then removed the chitenge he was wearing so that he could have carnal knowledge of him and it was at this moment that the victim noticed that the maid was infact a he and he tried to struggle, and sodomize him ,but he managed to overpower him,” he said. Mr Hamoonga said the suspect has been purporting to be female and worked for them for five months now.

Like the famous Robbin Williams’ movie, Mrs Doubt-fire, a male youth of Lusaka’s Mtendere East Township disguised himself a woman and used the fake identify to get a job as a maid.

For five months, Christopher Mukutigwa, 29, posed as a woman by consistently wearing makeup and matching female clothes, and worked as a nanny taking care of two boys aged between one year-six months and five years old.

But unlike the caring Mrs Doubt fire whose agenda was to work as a maid at his ex-wife’s house to spend more time with his children, Christopher’s true gender was known when he allegedly attempted to sodomize a teenager at his workplace.


Man Pretends To Be A Woman For Five Months To Work As A Maid b

The suspect, while clad in his usual female clothes, was apprehended last night and taken to Kalikiliki Police Station where he is currently detained as police investigate the matter.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed Mukutigwa’s detention and that the suspect remains in custody awaiting court appearance. The alleged attempted sodomy comes at a time when society is wary of the welfare of the boy child following increased reported cases of child molestation.


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