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Hot FM Boss Oscar Chavula Thinks Mercy Has A Mental Illness, This Is What He Said.

Oscar Chavula

Hot FM Boss Oscar Chavula thinks mercy has a mental illness which needs attentions. Commenting on the recent going scandal involving former minister of Lusaka Mr. Bowman Lusaka, Mr Chavula gave the following statement below.


When ” President” Muliokela was touring studios it was a light moment… And people laughed! Now it’s a fully blown mental health issue!

I have resisted to comment on the Mercy story for the longest of time, initially I thought people will catch on with the joke but alas, we are so gullible as a people we don’t know that when music stops playing we should stop dancing!

Mercy has a mental illness needing attention urgently. It’s not a joke anymore, those perpetuating her Studio tours are only hurting her in the long run. .

DNA is an irrelevance. You may not like him much as a man, but you won’t find the bulldozer in there either! Get her real help instead of entertaining her illness shrouded in fantasy, she needs it like yesterday!

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