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Shyman Shaizo : Profile and Biography

Shyman Shaizo Zambian Music Showbiz

Born Michelo Siavwapa on the 2nd of July in Livingstone, Zambian music artist Shyman Shaizo started music at a very tender age of eight. He used to play for the Salvation Army Band where he was introduced to the trumpet by his father. In the 90’s he used to mime to songs by Nasty D, MC Wabwino, JK, James Chamanyazi and other popular musicians of that time which inspired him to became a musician himself.

Unlike other musicians who have their names come up because of this and that, the name Shyman just popped from the blues immediately after he left high school and Tobby one of the members the Zambian music group Kamaflag was fond of calling him Shaizo hence the name Shyman Shaizo.

He was introduced to the Zambian music scene when he started working or rather joined the group Kamaflag, there he worked with them as a backup vocalist for a period of almost four to five years. In the year 2008 he got a hand from one of the top dancehall and reggae artists in Zambian Petersen Zagaze, together they worked on a song “Fendela Fenduze” which made him very popular because it was a major hit and was on heavy rotation on all the TV and radio stations in Zambia.

The hit song “Fendela Fenduze” made it possible for him to be booked for shows in other countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe even in the United States of America. Throughout his career he has worked with fellow local Zambian artist such as Exile, Dalisoul Mwana wamu komboni, Petersen Zagaze, Ozzy, JK, Mack 2 and many others.

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